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What is Konect™?


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The Landscape:


"I want my stuff"


The workforce has changed; users now need to work Anywhere, Anytime, and on virtually Any Device.


Gone are the days when employees simply worked out of one office location using one business pc. Today, employees are working from a variety of remote or mobile locations and using a mix of personal and business devices.


    • 61% of employees/owners work outside the office.

    • Most employees/owners use three (3) or more different devices a day for work purposes.

    • 72% of employees/owners do not feel equipped to get their jobs done outside the office.


To address these changes, IT now has to rethink how they can deliver critical business resources securely, efficiently, and cost effectively.


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The Challenges:


Remote Capabilities, Varying Devices, Data Security


    • How can users stay connected to their business resources when they’re not in the office?

    • How can IT provide the same intuitive interaction across the varying pc’s, macs, tablets and smartphones that users work from?

    • How can business owners rest easy knowing their mission-critical resources are secure?



The Solution:


Enable Secure Mobile Workstyles with Konect Elite


Konect significantly reduces the stress by offering a complete mobility solution made easy, offering the agility, flexibility, and scalability to meet businesses where they're at, and empower them to be more productive and responsive. Businesses are able to:


    • Enable users to work remotely in the field, from home, while travelling or at branch locations.

    • Give users real-time access to mission-critical applications, desktops, data and services anywhere, anytime, on virtually any device.

    • Ensure business resources remain safe while being accessed remotely.

    • Reduce IT licensing, management, and overall support costs that are required to enable these new mobile workstyles.


Features & Benefits



Konect Elite™ Features & Benefits






Hyper-V Integration (Server Virtualization & VDI)







RDS Integration (Publishing & Security)







Mixed VDI/RDS Cloud







Single Pane Manager - Konect Management Console (KMC)







Konect Client™ (Windows Desktops & Laptops)







Konect Mobile™ (Macs, Tablets & Mobile Devices)







Supported Environments & Konect Resources







Auto-provisioning Install (<20 minutes)







Active Directory & Group Policy Settings







SSL/VPN Support / Secure Gateway







RemoteFX (WAN Optimization)







Licensing & Support







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