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Success Story - Exclusive Technologies

Exclusive Technologies


“I have been using Konect for about 7 years now as a replacement for Citrix XenApp and it has been fantastic. I would recommend Konect to anyone who needs a total mobile remote solution” – Exclusive Technologies

Click here to read how "Exclusive Technologies" is using Konect Elite to provide an easy, cost-effective alternative to Citrix for their customer needs, regardless of server hardware brand or hypervisor type.




Success Story - Richards Homewares

Richards Homewares


“Konect for my iPad has opened up a whole new world for me, and re-defines the term mobility. How great it is to have access to everything all packaged on one small device!” – Richards Homewares

Click here to read how "Richards Homewares" is using Konect Elite to easily and securely publish their critical business resources from a Windows Server 2008 R2 VM running on a VMWare ESXi 5.5 hypervisor.




Success Story - The Ansel Adams Gallery

Ansel Adams Gallery


“Konect software was an integral part of the solution to simplify and cut administrative costs. Migrating from our legacy system cut our annual administrative overheads by more than 75%. Konect also enabled us to use our systems remotely, which allows us to hire the optimally skilled (high, mid, low as needed) administrative employees where they are, rather than drawing from a limited pool (in terms of size and range of skills) in a remote, rural area.” - Matthew Adams, President

Click here to read how "The Ansel Adams Gallery" is using Konect + Server 2008 R2 to centralize and streamline the delivery and access to business-critical POS, accounting, and sales applications for their in-office, multi-branch, and remote workers.




Success Story - Publishers Service Associates

Publishers Service Associates


“We need to provide our clients with remote access to their database without giving them access to our entire network. Discovering Konect was a tremendous benefit. Konect does all we ever wanted in a remote application publishing solution. It exceeds our expectations. IT loves Konect because it doesn’t take an entire day to get an application published and clients love Konect because there is no learning curve – no second desktop confusion. We measure the success of any solution based on our clients’ feedback. If they’re happy, we’re ecstatic. Our company is all about meeting and exceeding client expectations and Konect fits perfectly into that philosophy for us.” - Jason DeBloois, Technical Resource Manager, PSA

Click here to read how Publishers Service Associates is using Konect + Server 2012 to deliver their innovative subscribers database services to clients.




Case Study - SERDC - SouthEast Resource Development Council



“With a consolidated, centralized, application delivery and management system now in place, using Konect Elite, our employees can work effectively and efficiently - saving us a considerable amount of money, time and headache.” - Siam Madansingh, Director of Operations, SERDC

Click here to read how SouthEast Resource Development Council ('SERDC') is using Konect Elite to centralize the management and delivery of business data and applications to branch offices for remote workers.




Case Study - World of Feng Shui

World of Feng Shui


“Having one consolidated accounting and POS system, one inventory database to access and maintain, one set of purchase orders to work from and no more end of the day reports from one location to another - this is fantastic! This has saved us a considerable amount of headache, time and money. Using Konect Elite, our users can work effectively and more efficiently, increasing our overall business productivity substantially.” - Dolly Sidhu, Owner, World of Feng Shui

Click here to read how World of Feng Shui is using Konect Elite to centralize and streamline the delivery and access to mission-critical POS business and accounting applications for their additional branch locations.




Case Study - Ledgers Online

Ledgers Online


“We needed a solution that we could build our business around. We needed a serverware platform that was more robust than Terminal Server and most cost effective than other solutions to provide us with a direct link to our clients and the capabilities to properly represent our services.” - Wayne Zielke, CEO, LedgersOnline Ltd.

Click here to read how LedgersOnline is using Konect to deliver their innovative online bookkeeping services to clients.




Case Study - Ciel Satellite Group

Ciel Satellite Group


“We are looking to deliver and optimize more applications using Konect Elite even as the business grows at a tremendous rate.” - Bob Nelson, Owner, Ciel Satellites Group

Click here to read how the Ciel Satellite Group is using Konect to deliver their innovative subscribers database services to clients.




Case Study - Stevenson Accounting

Stevenson Accounting


“Konect Elite is working wonderfully. I have nothing but good things to say about the product and the support. Konect actually gives me more time to work and not just putting out fires all the time. Needless to say - I'm extremely impressed and happy with the product, its ease of use and customization.” - Brad Stevenson, Vice President, Stevenson Accounting Ltd.

Click here to read how Stevenson Accounting is using Konect to deliver their innovative online bookkeeping services to clients.




Case Study - Starcomm Technologies

Starcomm Technologies


“Unlike some other products, it was very easy to become a desktopsites ('dts') reseller. My experience with Konect Elite has been a very positive one as the dts team always ensures the satisfaction of my clients. The real win for me as a dts reseller is the manageability of Konect Elite. Why take on a big headache if you don't have to? Konect Elite is proving itself time and time again as a complete solution offering in a rapidly expanding market.” - Sam Azer, Owner, Starcomm Technologies

Click here to read how Starcomm Technologies is using Konect to deliver their innovative online bookkeeping services to clients.




Case Study - Publishers Service Associates

Case Study - Pacific Radiator Mfg. Ltd.

Pacific Radiator


“Technology has become critical to managing our business. We need software to manage our orders and customers and tools like email to communicate with our customers and partners. But we also recognize that we aren’t in the business of managing technology so we need solutions that help us leverage the benefits without all of the costs and time requirements.” - Lars Elkjar, General Manager, Pacific Radiators Mfg. Ltd.

Click here to read how Pacific Radiator Mfg. Ltd. is using Konect to deliver their innovative online bookkeeping services to clients.





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