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"All of applicable configuration options for App-V, RDSH, VDI, and Hyper-V are configured via the Konect Management Console, which is part of the simplification effort that DTS has put into Konect Elite. Also from the management console, you can manage group policies, active directory, RD RemoteApp applications, VM templates, VM creation, and the RD Gateway. All from one place! They've even taken this one step further and redesigned the group policy interface so that, by default, only the settings that typically apply to desktops are shown in a more user friendly way. Of course, you can still get down and dirty with GPOs, but boiling off all the unnecessary settings would be great for the overwhelmed small business IT guy."

- Gabe Knuth, brianmadden.com - See Full Article


Our "Mix 'n Match" Philosophy

We're not talking about putting on two different colored socks and feeling great about it (well, not literally anyways). We're talking about mixing server and desktop environments. Keep what's already invested in, and leverage it further. Konect Elite allows you to bring in Server 2008 R2 and/or Server 2012 and mix them into your current infrastructure. This means you're able to leverage the latest Microsoft technologies, but you don't have to throw out all the old stuff (which isn't really that old). This gives you the flexibility and agility to grow as the budget allows. No major overhauls, no gigantic migraines - just business as usual, with upgrades happening on a regular, feasible basis. With Konect Elite, you can feel great about mix-n-matching whatever you want - from servers to desktops to devices to your socks (*socks not shown in image below). Open PDF...

With or Without Konect Elite


Provision while you have a coffee. Konect Elite will auto-provision the required roles and features needed to deploy the Konect server software. Once deployed, you are now ready to publish and manage your server resources. As long as you don't burn your tongue on your coffee, you'll be just fine.

Single Pane Manager

Why go to 14 different places to get something done when you can just go to 1? Konect's single pane manager, aka the KMC (Konect Management Console), allows you to provision, deploy, and manage your published server resources, giving users secure access anywhere, anytime, on any device, but without having to run around in circles in a frenzied panic all the time. Just go to one single dashboard, do what you want to do, and move on. Discover the power of simplicity!



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