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"Having one consolidated accounting and POS system, one inventory database to access and maintain, one set of purchase orders to work from and no more end of the day reports from one location to another - this is fantastic! This has saved us a considerable amount of headache, time and money. Using Konect Elite, our users can work effectively and more efficiently, increasing our overall business productivity substantially."

- Dolly Sidhu, Owner, World of Feng Shui - See Full Article


Lower Licensing Costs

They say "cheaper" usually means "less quality". Well, not in this case. You're expected to give the world for the cost of a peanut. So cheaper really is better, but only if the value is still there. At under $100/licence/year (that's about $12/month and lower), Konect Elite's attractive pricing model gives the client everything they need, while leaving room in the budget for the services and extras that add more value to the deal (and make you more money). They get more, you get more. That's what we like to call a win-win, and it sounds like quality to us.

Close More Deals, Faster

Have a client who just isn't pulling the trigger on buying licenses for the new Microsoft server and desktop OS's? Or maybe they don't want to re-purchase all the RDS CAL's they just bought a couple short years ago? Combined with low licensing costs, Konect Elite's "mix-n-match" philosophy means your clients can phase out the old and phase in the new at a pace that makes sense for them, which means they can free up some of their budget and get the ball rolling, allowing you to sell more, faster.

Konect Elite Licensing Overview



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Save Money

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