Cisco Intercloud + Konect Center™ Hybrid Cloud Mobility Solution


Cisco Intercloud and Konect Center™ hybrid cloud solutions reshape mobility & productivity for SMBs


Cisco Intercloud and desktopsites’ Konect Center™ hybrid cloud models empower SMBs with the ability to blend their existing private clouds with new public cloud services, giving them fantastic new options to support both existing systems and new workloads based on what best fits their needs.


As businesses of all sizes are figuring out how to best to leverage the cloud to improve agility, efficiency, and end-user efficacy, many small and midsize businesses (SMBs) are hoping to find their answer in a hybrid cloud model... Continue reading...


What's New in Konect 8.6.6


New version Konect v8.6.6 boasts Security, Stability, Simplicity.


desktopsites, Inc. is proud to release the latest version of Konect™ (8.6.6) with many new features, feature upgrades, and bug fixes that have significantly improved the product’s performance in several key aspects, some of which include:

  • Application/Desktop Publishing & Mobility
  • VDI & Workstation Access
  • Connection Security & Stability


Additionally, the Konect Drive is back with the same powerful... Continue reading...




VDI vs. RDSH doesn't matter if users don't need full Windows desktops


Brian Madden, who I’m sure you are familiar with, is a desktop virtualization expert and blogger who recently wrote an excellent article on the classic VDI vs RDS battle, and more particularly, what the real reasons are for both solutions: VDI vs. RDSH doesn't matter if users don't need full Windows desktops.


This is very true and even more-so for the SMB channel where budget and time constraints can halt a VDI migration plan before it even starts. The thing is, some companies do have an actual need for VDI, but most can suffice with RDS. And not everyone in a single organization will need VDI, maybe a small percentage of users, but again, most can suffice with RDS.


It’s all about the applications. People have work to do; they need apps to get that work done. RDS gives you just that: Applications (and the other goodies as well). New advancements in Microsoft’s RDS allow... Continue Reading...


The VDI OpEx Challenge: "Time is Money"

The VDI OpEx Challenge


"Complicated is time, and time is money."


When talking about deploying a VDI solution rather than RDSH, I very much agree with the statement “there is too much focus on just talking about the CapEx and a lot more light needs to be shone on the OpEx components.”


In reality, while you’ve changed the game when it comes to customization and control, you’ve also just managed to add new licensing costs, management tools, and some extra headache to your plate. This means... Read More...


Success Story | Konect = SMB Citrix Alternative | Exclusive Technologies

Konect Elite = The SMB Citrix Alternative


"I have been using Konect for about 7 years now as a replacement for Citrix XenApp and it has been fantastic…"

- Jon Cormier, Owner, Exclusive Technologies

  • Needed an easy to use program that could be used for apps, remote desktop and virtual clients
  • Needed simplicity and reliability at a good price
  • Needed to support various Server Hardware and Operating Systems
  • Needed to support a growing number of various tablets and mobile devices
  • Needed the total solution in one package in an easy to use management GUI

Second to those requirements, Exclusive Tech implements various types of Server Hardware – including Dell, SuperMicro, HP, and Lenovo – and also uses both XenServer and HyperV for server virtualization, depending on customer needs and wants. The new publishing tool needed to be able to publish servers, desktops and apps from any Windows OS, regardless of the hardware or the hypervisor. 



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