Application Developers: Completing the Intercloud Ecosystem Puzzle


"ISVs are known for innovation and it will be great to have them developing modern, next-generation applications that will help us all, collectively, capture the Internet of Everything (IoE) opportunity. After all, the last mile in IoE will be made up of partners innovating. Plain and simple."

- Edison Peres, SVP

Cloud and Managed Services Partner Organization





During the past year, the pieces of our Intercloud strategy have been falling into place. We’ve built out the technology, created services and orchestrated a robust partner ecosystem.

The reality is that Cisco is placing a big bet on our partners. We believe that a partner-centric strategy will prove to be the winning cloud model. We believe that by working with our partners we can move more quickly, deliver more innovation, and provide global scale and local presence.


Today we’re announcing that 35 independent software vendors (ISVs) will join the Intercloud partner ecosystem. The addition of these application developers not only adds another piece to the Intercloud Ecosystem puzzle, it actually completes the picture.

Read the full Cisco Blog here.

Top 5 VDI-related Pro Tips


If you are already deploying or thinking about deploying VDI for your users, there are many important factors to consider. Cost, complexity, and increased CapEx give way to flexibility, scalability, and even lower OpEx in some cases when workstyle efficiency and productivity is considered.


VDI is a fantastic option for shift workers, task workers, and even specific environment workers, however it is not without its problems and IT headaches. Some problems can be fixed with software products and solutions, while the biggest IT headaches surround user habits and knowledge-base.


These issues can be more of a problem for IT than anything else, however you can eliminate or at least limit the amount of user errors by educating them on how VDI and BYOD works right from the get-go.


Eddie Lockhart, Assistant Site Editor for TechTarget, recently wrote an excellent article on the “intangible” issues surrounding VDI deployments such as user error, printing, bandwidth issues and more. To further this blog, it should be noted that with simple mind-set changes we can eliminate most of these user issues that IT has to deal with on a regular basis.


Here are the top 5 Pro Tips that can help users understand that, especially when it comes to VDI management, the IT struggle is real and users can help alleviate IT headaches. Continue Reading...



Knowing Your VDI Workstation Type: The SWAG Bag Example




“It's important for IT to communicate to users that their settings won't save so they know before they waste time making changes.” - Eddie Lockhart, Assistant Site Editor, TechTarget


Users of VDI workstations commonly run into issues when saving settings and personalization - why can some personalize their VDI desktops while others lose their settings as soon as they log out? 


This is actually quite a simple question to answer, and IT headaches would be reduced if users just simply knew the answer.


In this short blog we briefly overview the 2 major types of VDI workstations without getting too far into why or when to use them, and also explain the saved settings issue with a simple thought experiment - the SWAG Bag Example... Continue reading...



Cisco Intercloud + Konect Center™ Hybrid Cloud Mobility Solution


Cisco Intercloud and Konect Center™ hybrid cloud solutions reshape mobility & productivity for SMBs


Cisco Intercloud and desktopsites’ Konect Center™ hybrid cloud models empower SMBs with the ability to blend their existing private clouds with new public cloud services, giving them fantastic new options to support both existing systems and new workloads based on what best fits their needs.


As businesses of all sizes are figuring out how to best to leverage the cloud to improve agility, efficiency, and end-user efficacy, many small and midsize businesses (SMBs) are hoping to find their answer in a hybrid cloud model... Continue reading...


What's New in Konect 8.6.6


New version Konect v8.6.6 boasts Security, Stability, Simplicity.


desktopsites, Inc. is proud to release the latest version of Konect™ (8.6.6) with many new features, feature upgrades, and bug fixes that have significantly improved the product’s performance in several key aspects, some of which include:

  • Application/Desktop Publishing & Mobility
  • VDI & Workstation Access
  • Connection Security & Stability


Additionally, the Konect Drive is back with the same powerful... Continue reading...




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