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Success Story | Konect + Server 2012 + HyperV | Publishers Service Associates

Mobility Made Easy!

"Behind the fantastic product is some of best service I have ever had in a tech vendor…"

- Jason DeBloois, Technical Resources Manager, Publishers Service Associates

  • Needed to maintain centralized subscriber databases
  • Needed to provide remote customers with secure access to these databases
  • Needed to eliminate management headache of old solution
  • Needed to lower management costs with new solution


Success Story | Konect + Server 2008 R2 | The Ansel Adams Gallery

Mobility Made Easy!

"Migrating from our legacy system cut our annual administrative overheads by more than 75%.”

- Matthew Adams, President, The Ansel Adams Gallery

  • They have a complex POS system that needs to be onsite.
  • NPS (National Park Service) requires administrative functions to be housed outside the national park.
  • Needed to centralize branch locations for multi-site workers.
  • Needed website, accounting, bookkeeping and general administration to be done remotely.
  • Needed high end art sales operates remotely.
  • Needed an easy and secure way to provide remote access to mobile workers.


Success Story | Konect + VMware ESXi 5.5 | Richards Homewares

Mobility Made Easy!

"Konect for my iPad has opened up a whole new world for me…"

- Robert Freelander, Owner, Richards Homewares

  • Needed a simple way to allow business applications to be accessible to mobile users
  • Needed to publish applications from Windows® Server 2008 R2
  • Needed a centralized, cost-effective management tool
  • Needed an easy and secure way to provide remote access to mobile workers


Q&A Session - "Konect for HP Cloud" Solution

Q&A Session – HP Cloud Podcast Outline – “Konect for HP Cloud” Press Release


During this Q&A session, HP’s Stephen Spector, Social Media Strategist for HP Cloud, talks with Kane Micheletti, VP of Sales & Marketing for desktopsites, about their remote access software Konect Elite and their new HP Cloud partnered solution.


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