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Think Ahead → Stay Connected → Maintain Control → Remain Productive → Spend Wisely → Maximize Results 



Think ahead. Deploy a complete solution that leverages existing client and server investments and plans for future growth. 


Stay connected. Increase workforce efficiency and productivity by connecting mobile users, remote or home-based workers, operations and branch offices.


Maintain control. Manage and maintain access security and data protection to all information assets. 


Remain productive. Ensure your users have secure access to critical applications and business resources… anywhere, anytime, on any device*.


Spend wisely. Deliver the core capabilities your users need at a fraction of the cost of enterprise offerings. 


Maximize results. Enable flexible work scenarios by providing real-time availability of applications and data to users, anywhere, anytime, on any device*.






What is Konect Elite?

Konect Elite™ is a private cloud virtualization, delivery, and management solution for small and medium businesses that simplifies and adds functionality to Windows® Server 2012™ and Hyper-V™ to give SMB’s desktop virtualization, publishing, and mobility capabilities that are usually reserved for larger companies who can afford costly enterprise solutions like Citrix® or Microsoft® System Center™.

The Konect VM Center lights up on any Windows Server 2008R2 SP1 and newer, giving admins a central dashboard from which they can create, manage, and deploy various virtual resources, such as server and client desktops, applications, and files/folders.

Konect also works with any Windows Server 2003 and newer to give SMB’s valuable publishing capabilities that can extend the life of various business resources by delivering the various Konect Resources to various users and devices. This allows for more efficient workstyles, and it also satiates an increasingly mobile workforce.
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Why Konect Elite?

desktopsites' Konect Elite expands on Microsoft's user-centric vision by providing a complete desktop virtualization solution that bridges the gap between Microsoft's free products and the advanced functionality that SMB customers need in order to remain competitive.

Konect's single pane manager, licensed on a per user basis, simply and effectively automates the delivery and management of desktops, applications, and files – all at an affordable price. With Konect, you can begin publishing business resources to your users in just 20 minutes! 

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Key Product Features and Benefits:


    • Virtualization Fast-Track: The Konect VM Center leverages Microsoft's free Hyper-V technology to give SMB's a viable roadmap to desktop virtualization at an affordable price. Go to "Konect Virtualization" Page


    • Microsoft-centric: Konect Elite enables SMB's to leverage existing Microsoft server and RDS CAL investments while adopting Microsoft's new desktop virtualization technologies. Go to "Konect Videos" Page


    • Single Pane Manager:  Konect Elite's single pane manager greatly simplifies network management by giving admins one central dashboard from which they can easily manage all the various "Konect Resources". Go to "Konect Resources" Page


    • Effortless Publishing: Konect Elite's powerful publishing capabilities allow admins to seamlessly deliver multiple desktops, applications, and files/folders to various users within a matter of minutes. Go to "Konect Publishing" Page


    • Advanced Security: The Konect Management Console (KMC) utilizes Active Directory and Group Policy, allowing admins to very easily manage security, computer, user, group and preference settings. Go to "Konect Videos" Page


    • BYOD Freedom: Konect Elite supports existing XP and Vista client investments while adopting new Windows 7 and 8 desktops. Also, Konect Direct, our HTML-5 Gateway*, adds support to access application and desktops from MAC, iPad and Android devices. Go to "Konect Mobility" Page





How does Konect Elite work?

Users may require different types of desktops, applications, or files/folders based on their role in a business. Konect Elite’s all-in-one design has been purpose-built to simplify application and virtual desktop deployments. With desktopsites’ FlexSpin delivery technology, administrators can dynamically assemble, provision, and deliver any type of application or virtual desktop, in any combination, to any user.



Konect Resources 

(in any combination, to any user):


  • Hosted Server Desktops - (Session Based)
    • Delivers a server desktop from a server to a user.


  • RemoteApps - (Session Based)
    • Delivers a server application from a server to a user.


  • VDI - (Personal and Pooled)
    • Delivers VDI desktops from a host server to a user*.


  • Workstation Desktops - (Peer to Peer)
    • Delivers LAN Workstations desktop to WAN*.


  • Konect Drive - (Virtual File Access)
    • Populates a local drive letter with shares that have been allowed to that user.


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