• Hybrid IT with Konect Center™

    Embrace the cloud by extending current IT resources.

    Hybrid Cloud Computing made easy.

    "Migrating from our legacy system cut our annual
    administrative overheads by more than 75%."

    - Matthew Adams, President, Ansel Adams Gallery

  • Hybrid Cloud Orchestration

    Easily manage any Openstack™ cloud, your users & their resources.

    Hybrid IT made easy!

    “I would recommend Konect to anyone who needs
    a total mobile remote solution…”

    - Jon Cormier, Owner, Exclusive Technologies

  • Remote & Mobile Access made easy.

    Manage any cloud & publish to any device all thru a single dashboard.

    Remote/Mobile Access done right.

    “Konect for my iPad has opened up a whole new world for me...”

    - Robert Freelander, Owner, Richards Homewares

  • Support Plus™ now included

    The worry-free option is now a standard.

    Support Made Easy!

    “Behind the fantastic product is some of
    best service I have ever had in a tech vendor...”

    - Jason DeBloois, Technical Resources Manager, Publishers Service Associates

  • Become a dts Partner today!

    Whatever your needs, we will find a way, together.

    Cloud Computing Made Easy!

    “Konect is proving itself time and time again as
    a complete solution offering in a rapidly expanding market.”

    - Sam Azer, Owner, Starcomm Technologies

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Konect Center™ empowers SMB's with new ways to work better.


clouds through a single
dashboard console



servers, desktops, & apps
leveraging native Hyper-V
and Openstack



Windows apps & desktops
anywhere, any time,
to any device


management and
user resources to
boost productivity



data, users, & resources
with Active Directory and
Group Policy settings


workers with BYOD
access to their resources
from any device





dts Solution Partners complete the picture.