• Konect to the Cloud

    Easily adopt agile, flexible, and scalable Public Cloud IaaS.

    Cloud Computing Made Easy!

    "Migrating from our legacy system cut our annual
    administrative overheads by more than 75%."

    - Matthew Adams, President, Ansel Adams Gallery

  • Konect Center™ - Hybrid Clouds for SMBs

    Go with the solution that fits the need without breaking the bank.

    Desktop Virtualization Made Easy

    “I would recommend Konect to anyone who needs a total mobile remote solution…”

    - Jon Cormier, Owner, Exclusive Technologies

  • Your Total Mobile Access Solution.

    Access Desktops, Apps, and Data anytime, anywhere, from any device!

    Desktop Virtualization Made Easy

    “Konect for my iPad has opened up a whole new world for me...”

    - Robert Freelander, Owner, Richards Homewares

  • Support Plus™ included in Konect License

    The worry-free option is now a standard!

    Support Made Easy!

    ““Behind the fantastic product is some of
    best service I have ever had in a tech vendor...”

    - Jason DeBloois, Technical Resources Manager, Publishers Service Associates

  • Become a dts Partner today!

    Whatever your needs, we will find a way, together.

    Cloud Computing Made Easy!

    “Konect is proving itself time and time again as
    a complete solution offering in a rapidly expanding market.”

    - Sam Azer, Owner, Starcomm Technologies

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Konect to the Cloud


- Flexibility, Agility

- Disaster Recovery

- Immediate Scalability

- Low Upfront and Ongoing Costs









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Konect Elite™ 


Access your LAN Workstations and other business resources securely from Mac/iOS/Android/Windows desktops/tablets/mobile devices.







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